How to Factory Reset My iPhone

By Aaron Wein

Performing a factory reset on an iPhone can solve technical errors you may encounter during the device's lifespan, such as having the phone unexpectedly power off or lock up. Executing a factory reset restores the iPhone's data to a mirror image of the first day you removed it from its package and turned it on.

Things You'll Need

  • iTunes
  • USB cable

Step 1

Connect the phone to your computer using the iPhone's USB cable. iTunes loads automatically.

Step 2

Click your iPhone in iTunes' "Source" list on the left.

Step 3

Click "Summary," positioned among the tabs.

Step 4

Click "Restore" to begin setting up the factory reset. iTunes prompts you to back up your iPhone's data.

Step 5

Choose "Back up" if you want to allow iTunes to record a copy of all your iTunes data, or choose "Don't back up." A new prompt appears asking for final confirmation on the restoration.

Step 6

Click "Restore."

Tips & Warnings

  • If you choose to back up the iPhone, you can restore it back after you reset it to factory settings.
  • Every time you plug your iPhone into iTunes and sync the device, iTunes backs up your iPhone's data.