How to Find a Hidden Setup Menu in Foxtel

By Maya Austen

Every Foxtel cable box receiver and satellite receiver is equipped with a hidden Setup menu. Generally this menu is only accessed by the Foxtel customer service technician when installing or repairing your Foxtel TV service. However, you have the means to access this menu as well. The hidden Setup menu is different from the main Setup menu. The main Setup menu allows you to make temporary changes to the way your Foxtel receiver works, such as enabling or disabling the Closed Captions feature. In the hidden Setup menu, you can perform tasks, such as executing a full system reset and viewing various technical settings.

Step 1

Turn on the Foxtel receiver and TV set.

Step 2

Press “Setup” or “Active” on the Foxtel remote control to open the main Setup or Active menu.

Step 3

Use the remote’s arrow buttons to highlight “System Setup.” Press “Select.”

Step 4

Select “System Settings” from the next menu.

Step 5

Use the remote’s number pad to enter 0611 (this is the installer PIN code for Foxtel receivers). The hidden Setup menu should now be displayed.