How to Find a Template to Write a Biography

By Ian Moore

Whether it is for a homework assignment or for fun, writing a biography is a wonderful way to explore someone's past. Biographies are also a great way to show employers who you are and what you have accomplished over the years. Biography templates make it easier to write one because it is broken up into sections to allow you to organize your thoughts and ideas. This is important for anyone who wants to write a biography.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

How to Find a Template to Write a Biography

Step 1

Decide on what type of biography you will be writing. There are two types of biographies--one that deals primarily with business and one that outlines someone's life from birth to present or to death.

Step 2

Go to Directory M (see Resources below) and fill in the blanks for the business biography template. This template is free and will outline who you are, what your expertise is, why people should care about you and how to contact you.

Step 3

Go to How to Write a Bio (see Resources below) and choose the profession that the biography will outline. This is a pay service that costs 49 dollars. This service offers 100 different types of career and profession templates.

Step 4

Go to Free Biography Pages (see Resources below) and choose the style of template you want. These templates offer space to write the birth date, location born and interesting facts. There is even space to insert a photograph. This is a free service.

Step 5

Go to Microsoft Office online (see Resources below) and download the Biography Report Presentation. Make sure that you have Microsoft PowerPoint because this is a PowerPoint presentation.