How to Find a Yahoo Member

Yahoo! offers not just an effective search engine, but also a free news portal, email and instant messaging services. In addition, you have an option of setting up a Yahoo! profile and then communicating with other Yahoo! members all over the world, similar to Facebook or MySpace. All you need to do is register and supply some of your personal information. Not only will you be able to socialize with your friends, but it will also be easier for other network users to find you.

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Go to the Yahoo! Profiles account page (see Resources section).


Log into your Yahoo! account and profile using your user ID and password.


Type the member's Yahoo! ID or first and last name into the "Search" box in the right portion of the profiles Web page under "Connections," and then hit "Enter." The member you are looking for might have set up the profile (if at all) using a nickname instead of first name. Try different combinations of the possible nickname, or first name and last name, if the first search results do not retrieve the member information you want.

Keep in mind that not all of the users set up their profiles with full information, so you can also use just the last name in your search. Also remember that Yahoo! users have the option of hiding their profiles or making them unsearchable.

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