How to Find Digital Channels

By Contributing Writer

Most households pay high amounts in cable per month to access digital channels that the companies and satellite TV services offer. However, it is possible to access digital signals that are being broadcast in your area without paying for a monthly subscription fee. All you need is a digital TV antenna that you connect to your digital television. Although the startup cost is a little higher compared to the free cable box you get from signing up for a subscription, you will still save money in the long run.

Step 1

Set up your digital TV antenna. Place it on the roof rather than indoors. Only digital televisions are ready to use with a digital TV antenna. Make sure your television is capable of receiving digital signals by checking the manufacturing year located at the rear of the TV.

Step 2

Turn on the television and press the "Menu" button from the remote control.

Step 3

Select "Channel" or "Set Up" and highlight "Auto-Scan" or "Auto-Search" from the options, then press "OK." This will scan digital signals that are available or accessible in your area and save all of it in the tuner. Do not touch any buttons until the scan is complete, or it will disrupt the process.

Step 4

Press "Exit" from the menu after the scan concludes. Sometimes, it automatically exits, so you can skip this step if that is the case.

Step 5

Press "Channel Up" to access the nearest available channel. Keep pressing "Channel Up" and "Channel Down" to make sure you got all of the available local channels in your area.

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