How to Find My Comments on Yahoo Buzz

By Tammy Clevenger

Yahoo! Buzz is a social networking feature of the Yahoo! homepage. In the center of the page is a block of the most current headlines. Yahoo! Buzz allows users to "Buzz Up" news stories, which is similar to the "Like" feature in Facebook. The news story moves up in the Buzz list based on the number of Buzz Ups it receives. When you Buzz Up a news story, the application gives you the opportunity to type a short comment. The history tab shows you all of your recent Buzz activity.

Step 1

Log on to your Yahoo! email (or other) account. The Yahoo! homepage launches.

Step 2

Click the tab labeled "Buzz" in the News block in the center of the page.

Step 3

Click the "My Buzz Activity" tab to go directly to a summary list of all of your Buzz activity.

Step 4

Scan your Buzz list to view the history of all your comments and Buzz Ups on Yahoo!