How to Find Out How Many Followers You Have on Blogger

By Sam Orr

Blogger, a blog-publisher that was formed by Pyra Labs before being bought by Google (where it is now hosted on the Blogspot servers), is among the most used sites on the Internet. Users are attracted to the site to keep in touch with friends, or more commonly to share ideas with people they would never otherwise contact. While thumbnails of "followers" are displayed along the Blogspot homepage of a user, it does not display an actual number, which can be tedious to count. Users seeking a specific number can use the site's "Following" feature.

Step 1

Enter your identification information on Blogger (see Resources) and login.

Step 2

Click the "Design" link on your main page after logging in.

Step 3

Click the "Page Elements" tab to expand it and access the gadget customization section. Click the "Add a Gadget" button to bring up Blogger's gadget browser.

Step 4

Locate the gadget named "Followers" and click the "+" sign next to it to add it to your blog.

Step 5

Navigate to your blog's page and locate the "Followers" widget along the sidebar. Above the pictures of followers, the widget will read, "Followers (#)," with the number of followers of your blog in parentheses.