How to Find Out the Owner of a Tracfone

By Joanne Cichetti

Tracfone is a U.S.-based cellular network provider. Since it offers prepaid phones only, the calls made from such phones are harder to trace compared to the fixed landline numbers easily found on White Pages and other free phone books. You can trace unpublished numbers through online reverse websites but there will be a fee for this service. It's also possible that you may not find the number at all, though you will get notification of that before you make the payment.

Step 1

Go to a website like Trace Phone Call, Reverse-Phone-Number or Reverse Phone Directory. These websites let you trace unpublished phone numbers of different carriers, including Tracfone.

Step 2

Enter the particular cell phone number in the "Phone" field in the format "xxx-xxx-xxxx."

Step 3

Hit the "Search" or "Look up" button and wait for the website to run a search through its database. Once it's done, it will show you the results, with the option to purchase a full report on the searched number.

Step 4

Buy the full report on the website to find the number owner's name. Although you just need the name, still you will have to pay for the entire report, which will include other information, such as his last known address and occupational details. The full report will cost you between 99 cents and $14.95 as of 2010. Make the payment via credit card.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the owner of the particular Tracfone number has been harassing you, it will be wiser to let the police handle the matter, rather than tracing and hunting her down yourself.