How to Find the Remote Code for Symphonic TV Sets

By Andrew Smith

Just as with other electronic brands, there are a variety of different Symphonic television sets on the market. To use different remotes with one of these Symphonic TV sets, you must first program the remote to that TV. Since different Symphonic TV sets have different codes, you may have to search to find the proper for your TV. Numerous websites list codes for these sets, and these codes should allow you to use the remote to control the Symphonic TV.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet

Step 1

Go to the "Frequently Asked Questions" page on the Symphonic website. In a text box at the bottom of this page, type the phrase "TV" and click "Search." Codes for Symphonic (and other TVs) will appear inside of the first box underneath "Search."

Step 2

Look for Symphonic remote codes on "Fixya." This website hosts links that contain codes for numerous different Symphonic TV sets. Click one of the listed links to read these codes.

Step 3

Find Symphonic TV remote codes on the Parkwon website. This website lists several different codes for Symphonic TV sets as well as dozens of other television brands. The TV brands are listed alphabetically, so scroll down until you come to the "Symphonic" listings.

Step 4

Locate Symphonic TV remote codes from Just as with the previous website, this site lists Symphonic TV codes as well as codes for many other popular TV brands. The codes are listed alphabetically, so you will need to scroll down to find the Symphonic codes.

Tips & Warnings

  • The codes 038, 189, 033, 064, and 076 have been known to work with Symphonic TV sets.
  • Remote codes for Symphonic sets can also be located in the user manual for the Symphonic set.