How to Find Your Port Number on GoDaddy

By Chris Miksen

If you've recently created a GoDaddy email account, you may have chosen to set it up in an email client. Even after you enter in the GoDaddy email server settings, you still cannot receive email until you enter in the port numbers. The outgoing and incoming mail ports each must be set to a specific number. Fortunately, the port numbers remain constant regardless if you create 100 different GoDaddy email accounts.

Step 1

Access your email server port settings. The instructions for reaching the port settings vary on all email clients, but you can usually do so either when you first set up the email or by selecting the email account properties.

Step 2

Look to see if you have enabled "This sever requires a secure connection." If you did not, type "143" into the incoming port if you're using an IMAP-enabled email. Type "110" if you're using a POP-enabled email. You can look to see whether you're using POP or IMAP in the main email settings. If you do have a secure connection enabled, set the IMAP settings to 993 and the POP settings to 995.

Step 3

Set the "Outgoing Mail" port to "80," "25," "3535" or "787" if you do not have a secure connection enabled. Depending on your location and connection, some ports may not work. If you do have a secure connection enabled, set the port to "465." Click "Apply" and "OK."

Tips & Warnings

  • Ensure the server settings are correct in addition to the port settings. You can check your server settings by logging into "" Click "Help" and "Email Client Settings." You can then set your server settings in the email client server settings properties.
  • Ensure that "SMTP Relay" is enabled for your GoDaddy email account. Log in to your GoDaddy account manager and select "Email" to enable SMTP Relay.