How to Fix a Subwoofer

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

A subwoofer, or a "sub," is an important part of your overall sound system, whether it's in your home or car. A sub's most important quality is bringing out sounds you can feel rather than just hear. However, they are also susceptible to wear and tear from overuse, and the sound quality will be greatly affected by this. Here are some steps to fix a subwoofer.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access
  • Speaker
  • Computer

Step 1

Check with your manufacturer's Tech Support Web site. Usually with a subwoofer, the problem lies with the voice coil, which might just be burned out. These are usually fixed by sending them into the manufacturer, so determine how much you want to spend to repair it versus how much it would cost just to buy a new one.

Step 2

Roam through the Tech Support forums. It's likely that someone had the same problem as you with your sub, and you can run the symptoms past a few other consumers to see what diagnosis they found.

Step 3

Identify the specific problem if you can. You can look for tips to fix this problem on the manufacturer's Web site, or if you're technically savvy, you can try opening the sub and looking at it yourself. Two major manufacturers of subs include MTX and MK Sound.

Step 4

Check the bronze-colored coil underneath the foam cover. Note whether it looks worn, burned, warped or distorted. This may be the cause of your sub sounding fuzzy or muffled, which means it needs replacement.

Step 5

Look at the fuse inside the speaker and test it if you know how. This is a likely problem that causes your sub to power up improperly, play sounds at about half the volume or intermittently fade in and out. If the fuse is discolored or shows a short, you'll need to replace it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Electronic products have a life like everything else. Sometimes buying a new product is a better option. If you purchased a Bose sub, check out repair options at the Bose Web site or look into another product from that manufacturer.
  • Search the helpful tech support forums on Yahoo to see if anyone has previously posted an answer to your problem.
  • Try looking at or taking apart another sub that you don't need before trying to fix the one you already have. You don't want to risk damaging your sub even more.
  • Any repairs or modifications you make yourself will likely void any warranty you have. Be sure you know what you're doing before taking any action.