How to Fix Oovoo Audio

Malfunctioning hardware, incorrect computer settings and a variety of other factors can keep you from communicating over Oovoo successfully. For example, video chat partners may not hear your voice or you may not hear them. Before you buy new audio hardware or contact tech support, try a few audio troubleshooting tips. You may resolve the problem yourself quickly.

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Built-in audio tests help you check your microphone in Oovoo.
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Check Basic Microphone Connections and Settings

Ensure that your external headset or microphone is plugged into your sound card correctly and its mute switch is off. If you use a USB mic, verify that the mic’s USB cable connects to one of your computer's USB ports correctly. If you see a red X on the microphone button in the video conversation window, your mike is muted. Click the button to un-mute the mike.

Test Your Microphone

If you're in a video call, end it, click "Help" and then click "Check Your Audio and Video." Move to the Input Level section and follow the instructions to test all of your computer's audio input devices. When you only have one mike connected, that's the only device you'll see. Ask your chat partners to check their speaker settings when they can’t hear you. It’s possible that the problem lies on their end. If you can’t get your microphone to work, plug in a different one; your original mike may be broken.

Test Speakers

End your video call, if you're in one, and click "Help" followed by "Check Your Audio and Video." Move to the Speakers section and follow the instructions to test your computer's playback devices. If your speakers are working, you should hear music that the test plays.

Fix Application Conflicts

If your speakers work in other applications but not in Oovoo, it's possible that your sound card isn't configured to work with multiple apps. Press "Windows-D," right-click the taskbar's speaker icon and click "Playback Device" to open the Sound window. This window shows your playback devices. Click the device that has a green arrow next to it followed by "Properties." After you click "Advanced," remove the check marks from the two check boxes in the Exclusive Mode section and click "OK" twice to save your changes.

Adjust Sound Card Sample Rate

Lowering your sound card's sample rate can correct some audio problems. Press "Windows-D" and right-click the taskbar's speaker icon. Click "Playback Device" and right-click your computer's default playback device. It's the device that has a green arrow beside it. Click "Properties" followed by "Advanced" and click the drop-down menu in the Default Format section. Select a sample rate that's slower than the one that is currently selected.

Other Diagnostic Tips

Sometimes another application takes control over your microphone. If your mike still doesn't work in Oovoo, close other apps that may be using it. If you have multiple microphones or microphone devices and your chat partners can't hear you, click the microphone drop-down menu in the video conversation window and select another mike. If you have a USB headset connected to a USB port or USB adapter, you should see it in the drop-down list. If you don't see it, unplug the device and connect it again. You can also plug it into a different USB slot to see if that corrects the problem. Updating your sound card's driver can also resolve audio problems.