How to Fix Upside-Down and Backward LG Software Issues

By Shawn Farner

If your LG phone is having software operating system issues, it's possible that your operating system output could show up as upside down and backward, making the phone very difficult, if not impossible, to use. Instead of contacting customer service or sending the phone back to LG, you can save some hassle by employing common fixes, such as pulling the battery and updating the firmware.

Step 1

Hold the power button to power down your LG phone, and then press the power button once more to restart it.

Step 2

Power down the phone and remove the battery. Hold down the power button to drain any remaining power from the phone, and then reinsert the battery. Restart the phone.

Step 3

Consult your phone's user guide to get the step-by-step process for performing a factory reset on your phone, since it varies per phone. You'll have to enter the button presses correctly as described, since you won't be able to see what's on the screen clearly.

Step 4

Download the LG Mobile Support Tool (link in Resources) to your computer and double-click the file to run it. Click "Install USB Driver" and click your model. Wait for the USB driver to be installed, and then connect the phone to your PC using the supplied USB cable. Click "Start Updating" to complete the update and potentially fix the screen software problem.

Tips & Warnings

  • Download and install the latest mobile device driver for your phone from LG before running the support tool or firmware update.
  • You could lose all the data on your LG device if you don't back it up before performing a factory reset or firmware update.

References & Resources