How to Fix Your Phone When the Screen Goes Blank on Verizon

By Robert Kingsley

If your Verizon phone is displaying a blank screen and is not responding to your input, you may have an issue. However, a blank screen alone is no reason to panic. A number of simple issues exist that can cause your phone to display a blank screen. Most of them cost nothing to check out. Unless you've recently dropped your phone in water, you should not assume it is broken before trying a few things to fix it.

Step 1

Press the power button to try and turn the phone on. There is always a chance that you hit the power button by mistake and shut the phone down. If you have no luck turning on the device, it may be out of power.

Step 2

Plug the phone in to an external power source. Wait for a couple of minutes to allow the battery to charge a small amount. Press the power button once again to see if the phone turns on.

Step 3

Unplug your phone. Remove the back panel and pull the battery out of the phone. Reinsert the battery, making sure it is aligned and installed properly. Try once again to turn the phone on.

Step 4

Visit a Verizon store and try replacing your battery with a new battery. Charge the new battery fully and attempt to turn your phone on one last time.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you phone contains personal data, back it up often to avoid data loss if your phone breaks.