How to Flash a Sprint Phone

By LaoA

Sprint phones work via a Code Division Multiple Access cell phone network. If you desire to use your cell phone with another network provider, you need to use a company that also uses CDMA technology rather than GSM technology used by companies such as T-Mobile. To flash a Sprint phone, take out the Sprint PCS programming and insert the programming of the CDMA cell phone provider to whom you switch. To complete this procedure also known as flashing, you need a USB connection and the correct software.

Step 1

Sign onto the Sprint web page (see "Resources"). Click the "Export" function and then select "Export Contacts." Click the "Save" option to store this data on your computer.

Step 2

Call a store in your city for the new CDMA company to whom you want to switch. Tell them that you plan to flash your cell phone to their company.

Step 3

Sign onto the CDMA cell phone company's backup system. Click on the "Import Contacts" tab. Follow the directions on your screen to select the file you recently made and import it into the application. Adhere to the words on the screen to complete the sync process with your Sprint cell phone address data.

Step 4

Call Sprint to terminate your customer agreement (see "Resources").