How to Format A Phone Memory Card

By W. Nicole Barclay

Formatting a removable memory card to fit your phone allows you expanded opportunities including more music, pictures and video; a removable media card can even serve as an alternative storage place for your downloads and address book. For phones featuring this convenient memory card slot, learning how to format a memory card to make it ready for use with your phone can mean heightened efficiency.

Things You'll Need

  • Micro memory card
  • Micro memory card adaptor

Step 1

Prepare your memory card for formatting. Decide whether you would like to format using your phone or your computer. If you decide to use your computer, remove the micro memory card from your phone and place it into the memory card adaptor. If you decide to use your phone's removable memory card slot, insert the memory card into the phone while the phone is off, before turning on your phone.

Step 2

Navigate to the menu and select your phone options. Locate the menu that includes the technical list; you should see "Media Card" or "Memory Card" listed as an option. If your phone has a separate menu for Memory options, look within this for your memory card menu option.

Step 3

Access the memory card menu and click "Options." Be sure that memory card support is enabled. Next, select "Format." This may be found listed or you may need to click on the menu within the memory card menu you have already accessed. After selecting the format you may have the option to choose between formatting the media card and/or the device memory. Select "Media card" if confirmation is required. Keep in mind you will be losing any data previously stored on your card.

Step 4

Select OK when your phone asks you to confirm format. Your memory card will now be formatting to your phone and a progress bar may appear. Do not power off or navigate away from this screen. When formatting is complete, your phone will notify you and the progress bar will no longer be visible. You may need to confirm with an "OK" that your memory card has finished formatting.

Step 5

For Windows users who wish to format using a computer, place the micro memory card within the adaptor and insert it into your computer's memory card slot. You can also connect to your computer using an external adaptor if your laptop doesn't feature one built in. After connecting the memory card, select "My Computer" within your Windows menu. Select your memory card, which should be listed within this folder. Right-click on the menu and select the format. Your computer settings will prompt you to accept the format and complete the process.

Tips & Warnings

  • There is no need to restart your phone after memory card format unless your device informs you that it is required.
  • Formatting will remove data from the memory card. Back up any information you do not want to lose before you format.

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