How to Forward a T-Mobile Voice Mail

By Jesse Adams

If you receive a voice mail message that is pertinent to another person or a group of people, it would be easier to simply forward that message to them instead of dictating the message via text message or possibly miscommunicating the content by attempting to recite the message from memory. T-Mobile customers are in luck: The carrier supports voice mail forwarding. The bad news is that customers can only forward messages to other T-Mobile customers, not anyone on another network. Forwarding voice mail messages from T-Mobile customer to customer can be done quite easily.

Step 1

Listen to the voice mail message you want to forward. This is important because you must finish the message before the voice mail system will allow you to forward it to another T-Mobile customer.

Step 2

Press the number 6 on your keypad for more options when prompted to do so after you have heard the message.

Step 3

Press the number 2 to forward the message to another customer.

Step 4

Type the phone number of the T-Mobile customer you want to receive the voice mail message and press the # button.

Step 5

Press 1 to record a brief message that can be heard before the recipient hears the message you are forwarding. Press the # key when you finish recording.

Step 6

Press the Send button on your phone to send the message to the intended recipient.

Tips & Warnings

  • Sharing voice mail messages can be useful and informative, but be careful not to send any private messages to your recipients. Many voice mail messages may be personal or private and may contain sensitive information about you or the original sender of the message. Remember to be professional and discreet concerning this information.