How to Get a Million Views on YouTube

By braniac

Everyone wants the world to see their videos, but few videos reach over 20,000. There are supposedly one BILLION views on YouTube every day, so here is your chance to grab a chunk of that. I will teach you how to get a million views on your video within a few months. If you have a great video to share with the world, continue reading.

Things You'll Need

  • A great clip
  • A creative imagination
  • A willingness to fail the first time.

Step 1

The single most important thing about your video is what the viewer sees before clicking it. I'm talking about the still image of your video that shows as a preview. If that single frame is interesting, funny, or intriguing, you will get views like a mad-man. Look at videos with pretty girls as stills, or even some videos of people in motion. If the still frame is interesting, you will get many times more hits than if it s a boring scene.

Step 2

The second most important thing about your video is the title. Be clear, be short, and be smart. Choose something that tells the viewer what he or she is about to see. If it is about a man jumping rope really fast, use that as a title. Be honest about what you are showing, because it will capture the audience that is interested, therefore giving you 5 stars. Example: What do you THINK happens in "Charlie bit my finger-again!"?

Step 3

If you put out dozens of videos for your subscribers each month, it is very likely that you are not hitting over 100,000 views. Why? Because you have given your audience too much variety. If you want a video to reach over a million, it has to be gold. It has to stand out from your other videos, and needs to be the highlight of your channel. Post it everywhere, promote it one very occasion, and watch the views (and comments) flow in.

Step 4

Keep your video short. Look at clips such as "Charlie bit me" or "Potter Puppet Pals". They are all under 5 minutes, keeping the audience interested and wanting more. Imagine an extremely funny clip that only lasts 10 seconds. Your viewers will watch it over and over again, laughing hysterically each time. Time is precious, so don't waste your view's time with slow introductions or boring monologues.

Step 5

Get to the point. This is a continuation of my last step. Skip the funny intros, "produced by...", or unreasonably slow monologues. Get to the cool, funny, or cute part as soon as possible, so viewers don't get bored and click on a better video somewhere else. You are not looking for single views, but repeated visits. Take the example of the "Sneezing Panda" video. It's about 16 seconds long, but people will watch it over and over again. Each person might watch it a dozen times scoring you enough views to break the million mark.

Tips & Warnings

  • Get filming, get creative, and have fun.
  • Prepare yourself for failure. Not every video will break the 1 million views mark, but with these tips you will surely get more views.