How to Get a Signal Resent From Comcast

By Jennifer Habersham

Because of power outages, problems with a satellite or myriad other issues, your cable box may lose its signal from time to time. When you have a lost signal, you may find that your cable is completely out, only a few channels are working, the picture is breaking up or it is frozen entirely. Having a signal sent to your cable box, also known as “hitting the box,” is simple and only a phone call away.

Step 1

Check all of the connections for your television and cable box. If the connections are not tight, the "signal hit" may not work. Tighten any loose cables.

Step 2

Call Comcast's support line. You should find your local Comcast company's telephone number in your telephone book or on your bill.

Step 3

Follow the telephone prompts until your reach a "live" person on the other end. You may be asked for your account number, home address and telephone number.

Step 4

Tell the cable support operator that you need a signal sent to your cable box. The operator will "hit" your box. It may take up to several minutes for the signal to reach you, and you should stay on the phone line until it does. You will know that your box has received the signal when the number display on the front changes momentarily.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure your cable is working properly after you have a signal sent to the box.

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