How to Get an iPhone off of Chinese Settings

By Kay Ireland

Whether you purchased your iPhone secondhand or it experienced a tangle with a toddler, if your settings and preferences are set to Chinese you'll have a hard time understanding your iPhone unless you read Chinese. Changing your language and settings from Chinese to English is done through the settings tab. If set to Chinese, the choices may be difficult to read, so rely on the icon artwork to guide you through to change your settings.

Step 1

Tap the "Settings" icon from your home screen. This is the icon that looks like a gear.

Step 2

Scroll down your choices to find another gear icon for "General."

Step 3

Touch "International," which is the third option from the bottom of the list.

Step 4

Select "Language" and change to "English" or the settings you prefer. Complete the same action for "Voice Control." If the calendar is set to "Buddhist," change it to "Gregorian" if you like.

Step 5

Change the "Region Format" to "United States" or the region you choose. Finally, set the "Keyboard" option to "English" and "QWERTY" if you wish. Touch "General" to save your settings and exit.