How to Get Detailed Billing From AT&T

Detailed billing from AT&T consists of breaking down each aspect of a customer's bill so that there is a better of understanding of charges, taxes and other details. In 2007, however, in an effort to save on paper costs, AT&T changed their billing statements to reflect a summarized version of the billing details for all new customers and current customers who change their rate plan. Nonetheless, there are still ways to access and view your AT&T bills in detail.

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Navigate to the official AT&T Online Account Management website (see References). Choose which type of account you would like to access from the drop-down box. Sign-in with your telephone number or member ID, then enter your password. Keep in mind that you must be registered with the AT&T site before you can proceed. Click on the "Get Started" icon on the right-hand side of the webpage if you need to sign up. Click "Login" once you have entered your information.


Select "View Bill Summary," located in the "Bill and Payments" box on your homepage. Click on "Usage Details." Note that your detailed bill will now be displayed. Keep in mind that minutes used, your remaining balance, payments due, remaining text messages, text messages used and user information will be displayed for phone subscribers, and payments due, account balance, channel line-up, packages and plans will be displayed for Internet and television subscribers.


Contact the AT&T Customer Service department at 1-800-331-0500 for wireless,1-800-288-2020 for cable and U-Verse or 1-888-321-2375 for Internet. Verify your account information and identity, then request detailed billing on your paper bill. Note that fees of $1.99 per month may apply when requesting detailed billing on your paper bills if you are not currently enrolled in detailed billing. Inquire with an AT&T customer care representative for more information regarding the fees on your particular account.

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