How to Get Dish Net With Bad Credit

By Duncan Jenkins

DISH Network, a satellite TV provider, offers clear programming and a wide variety of programming options. Obtaining DISH Network service requires consumers to pass a credit check that confirms the borrower's likeliness of payment. Failing a credit check doesn't necessarily mean you cannot obtain DISH Network service, though.

Step 1

Download a free copy of your credit report before applying for any service with DISH Network. You'll want to know how bad your report is and how you may be able to fix it. Look for the following negative attributes on your report: delinquencies of any kind, charge-offs, judgements, maxed-out credit lines and excessive credit lines (usually over 4 revolving lines). Attempt to clear all negative marks on your report and then buy a copy of your credit score. A score below 550 will usually disqualify you from service. If possible, wait 3 months--while repairing your credit--and then re-check to see if you have improved your score.

Step 2

Apply for a service agreement if you think your credit is borderline acceptable. You may be able to work with a representative if you are disqualified for a contract agreement. Make sure to be tenacious if you are denied--you might have some luck as you work your way up through the hierarchy. Do not be rude, however. If you cannot obtain a service package, continue to repair your credit and re-apply in three months.

Step 3

Take advantage of the pre-paid option. While this agreement is often more expensive compared with monthly agreements, it offers consumers a way to get DISH Network service without a contract or a credit check. Essentially, consumers must purchase the hardware system from a retailer, then purchase usage cards to activate the plan.

Step 4

Maintain a pre-paid plan for at least three months. By using DISH Network's prepaid service consistently, you'll be proving to the company that you are a loyal customer--an attribute that will pay dividends when you apply for a monthly service package. Keep all records of your prepaid plans and bring these up when applying for a monthly plan in the future.