How to Get Free Comcast Cable Upgrades

By Heather Topham Wood

If you are a Comcast cable television customer, then you probably want to find out how you can get free upgrades from the company. Upgrades may include extra channels, digital video recording packages or discounted monthly subscription rates. Contact a Comcast customer service representative for information on getting free cable upgrades.

Things You'll Need

  • Comcast Cable Subscription

Step 1

Sign up for a packaged deal. The more services that you sign up for through Comcast, the more free upgrades they will include with your subscription. The Triple Play package from Comcast includes unlimited PowerBoost Internet, phone service and digital cable with free On Demand. For the first year of service, you will pay a low discounted rate.

Step 2

Let Comcast know that you are considering switching to a new cable television provider if you are no longer contractually obligated to the company. In order to keep your business, the representative may offer free movie channels or a discounted rate.

Step 3

Wait for a promotional period in order to sign up for digital cable service through Comcast. New subscribers are often given the chance to receive the full channel lineup for several months at no charge.

Step 4

Check mailers for offers from Comcast as well as competitors' deals. Ask the Comcast representative if they are willing to offer the same or better deal as one of their competitors.

Step 5

Join the Triple Play Rewards program through Comcast. Triple Play Rewards is a loyalty program that is free to join. As a member, you enter contests, receive monthly discounts and get a free On Demand movie.

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