How to Get Free Dish Network Satellite TV

How to Get Free Dish Network Satellite TV. Dish Network and DirecTV are the two major satellite TV providers in the world. Because of fierce competition, these providers frequently offer attractive deals to consumers. Dish Network periodically offers free equipment, free installation and discounted programming packages. With certain packages, you can get free equipment and installation. Here's how.

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Call Dish Network's toll-free number or browse through their Web site for detailed information about various deals and promotional offers. First time subscribers typically get all the equipment including a dish antenna, satellite TV receivers, digital video recorder (DVRs) and HDTV receivers, free. Besides, Dish Network also offers free installation.


Visit authorized retailers. A list of Dish Network retailers can be seen at their Web site (see link below). Usually, retailers have promotions that offer free equipment and installation for certain packages.


Assess other offers. Aside from luring new customers with free equipment and installation, Dish Network sometimes offers other equipment (discounted or free) including satellite radio and home theater systems. Other offers may comprise free Internet connectivity, free upgrades to premium packages, lifetime warranty, and reduced monthly fee for a specific duration.

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