How to Get Missing Minutes From TracFone

By Sam Surgalski

With TracFone, a prepaid cell phone company, you purchase minutes on a monthly basis with no contract or monthly bill (unless you want a monthly plan). Unfortunately, these minutes come with a service expiration, so if you don't use up all of your minutes withing 90 days or so, they will "disappear" from your cell phone. There is a free and simple way to recover these minutes.

Step 1

Try to remember when your service expired. TracFone offers a 60-day grace period with lost minutes; if you are past this deadline, the minutes are gone forever.

Step 2

Call executive resolutions at 800-876-5753. This phone number is solely for the purpose of recovering lost TracFone minutes.

Step 3

Discuss with a customer representative your lost TracFone minutes. Although you may get your minutes back, it is highly likely TracFone will have to give you a new cell phone number. Keep your customer representative on the phone until you receive the minutes.

Tips & Warnings

  • Purchase yearly service plans, with which there is no worry over lost minutes because of expired service coverage.