How to Get My Phone off Vibrate Only

If you find yourself in a movie theater, you should place your phone on silent or vibrate mode. This holds true for classroom or business settings as well. Yet, in your day-to-day operations, you can turn your phone to the volume and ring tone of your choice. This way, you can actually hear your phone rather than hope to feel the vibration. All cell phones have a similar method for changing from vibrate-only mode. You should be able to change your phone to the ring tone of your choosing by trying the standard methods.

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Change your phone from vibrate-only mode.


Press the "Volume" button on the side of your phone. Press "Plus" to make the phone go up in volume. This will by default remove it from vibrate mode to a ring tone.


Go to your phone's main screen. Click "Settings."


Click "Sound Settings." Scroll through the settings. Select the volume of your choosing. This will turn off the vibrate mode.

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