How to Get Started on Facebook

By Richard Kalinowski

If you're new to Facebook, you might not know how to get started. Creating your account takes just a few minutes, then your primary task is personalizing your profile. All Facebook profile's start with some basic user information, but it's up to you to tweak your profile to better represent your unique online persona. With a personalized profile, you can start enjoying Facebook, connecting with old friends and making new ones online.

Things You'll Need

  • A picture for your profile

Step 1


Step 2

Enter your name, email, gender and birthday on the main page.

Step 3

Click "Sign Up."

Step 4

Check your email and click on the account activation link to access your new Facebook account.

Step 5

Click on the "Edit My Profile" link, located near the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Now that your account is active, you can get started with the personalization process. By default, "Basic Information" options appear on your screen after clicking "Edit My Profile."

Step 6

Enter some text into your "About Me" section. If you are using Facebook for dating, you can check the "I am interested in" boxes next to "Men" or "Women." If you feel comfortable sharing your location, you can also enter this near the top of the "Basic Information" page.

Step 7

Click "Save Changes" and then click "Profile Picture." Your profile picture helps identify your profile to potential friends.

Step 8

Click "Browse" and find an image on your computer to upload as your profile picture. You can also click the "Take a Picture" button if your computer has an active webcam.

Step 9

Click on the empty white box near the top of the Facebook window.

Step 10

Type in a friend's name and hit the "Enter" key. You can also type in the names of local businesses or your favorite activities; linking to these pages helps personalize your profile.

Step 11

Click "Add Friend" on a friend's page. Some places and activities feature a "Like" or "Join Group" button instead. Once your friend or group request is confirmed by the other individual, the person or group is linked to your friends list or groups list. With some basic information, a photo and the beginnings of your friends list, your initial Facebook profile is ready to go. You can spend more time clicking on other "Edit My Profile" options to discover additional Facebook features and personalization options as you become comfortable with Facebook's social networking platform.