How to Get the Amazon VOD and Yahoo Widgets on a Samsung TV

By Mandy Slake

Widgets are Internet applications that appear on a bar located at the bottom of the screen on a Samsung television. You can customize the widget bar by adding new widgets. The Amazon Video on Demand widget allows you to watch movies through Amazon's streaming video service. The Yahoo widgets give you information about weather, news and finance, as well as streaming video through Yahoo!'s video service.

Step 1

Press the "Internet@TV" button on the remote control, or open the main menu, select the "Application" option and choose "Internet@TV."

Step 2

Press the directional buttons on the remote to highlight "Widget Gallery" and press "ENTER."

Step 3

Open the "All" section and highlight the Amazon or Yahoo widget.

Step 4

Click "Add widget to my profile" to add the widget to the dock bar at the bottom of the screen.

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