How to Get the Best Picture Out of My Vizio LCD TV

By Jule Pamplin

Vizio LCD HDTV's are capable of presenting your video content from a cable or satellite provider in high-definition. The quality of HD content will vary depending upon your model and the quality offered through your cable or satellite provider. You can also view HD quality video through your Blu-Ray player or PlayStation game console. The key to getting the best picture quality as possible is connecting the Vizio to the video sources using HDMI cables and adjusting the picture quality through the on-screen menus.

Things You'll Need

  • HDMI cables
  • Game console (Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii- optional)
  • Vizio remote control

Step 1

Look at the panel of inputs on the rear panel of your Vizio LCD TV. Locate the HDMI inputs and count them to ensure there are enough ports to accommodate the number of video devices you wish to connect.

Step 2

Plug the HDMI cables into the HDMI outputs on the devices and into the HDMI input ports on the LCD TV.

Step 3

Turn on the Vizio TV and press the Input button on the remote control. Select HDMI 1 to view content from the device connected to the corresponding HDMI port. Press HDMI 2 for the device connected to the second HDMI port and so on.

Step 4

Press the Menu button on the Viizio's remote control. The default option on the menu scree is the picture quality icon (a picture of a flat-panel TV). Press the down arrow button on the remote control to scroll down to the adjustments on the screen. The first option is to select a preset picture setting.

Step 5

Press the right arrow button on the to scroll through the preset options for picture quality. The specific aspects of each setting will be listed below. You can press the down arrow to scroll to the individual picture settings to adjust each one to your precise preference. If you adjust the settings within a preset picture setting the title of the preset will change to "custom" and be saved as such for future selection.

Step 6

Press the menu button to return to exit the picture setting menu.

Tips & Warnings

  • Connect your cable or satellite set-top box via HDMI to view high-definition content. You will need an HD set-top box. In most cases you will need to subscribe to high-definition programming to receive the higher quality program signals. Connecting a set-top box via HDMI does not automatically mean that your television programming will be in high-definition.