How to Get the iPhone Keyboard in Landscape Mode

The Facebook keyboard can be used in two orientations: portrait or landscape. Portrait orientation is the default position, when the iPhone screen runs longest vertically. When your iPhone is turned to the side, and the screen runs longest horizontally, the keyboard is in landscape mode. Any application that requires the use of a keyboard has a portrait mode option, but not all applications allow for landscape mode. Applications that do allow landscape mode include mail and iPod.

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An iPhone cannot be locked in landscape mode, only portrait mode.


Double-click on the home button while the iPhone is in portrait mode.


Flick the toolbar that appears at the very bottom of the screen from left to right, and make sure the device is not locked in portrait mode. A locked portrait orientation is represented by a circular arrow with a lock in the middle. If the device is locked in portrait mode, tap the the circular arrow icon to unlock it.


Open the application, such as messages or notes, that you want to use your keyboard with. Turn your iPhone 90 degrees to either the right or left--your iPhone goes into landscape mode automatically.

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