How To Go Cableless

By Harvey Birdman

Going cableless (or satellite-less for that matter) is when you cancel your cable or satellite service and replace it with Internet video streaming. This option is now possible thanks to the proliferation of broadband Internet. Going cableless can also be supplemented with DVD rentals to provide the movie experience that on-demand cable movie services provide. Though these services cost money, they are but a fraction of what your cable or satellite bill is and lack many of the hidden costs.

Step 1

Call your cable or satellite provider and request to cancel your service. The customer service representative will attempt to placate you by offering discounted rates. Ask about the time limit on the rates and you will find out that the discounts only last for a few months and then you are back to your regular rates. Be firm but polite in insisting that your account be closed.

Step 2

Subscribe to a high-speed broadband service, the higher the bandwidth (also known as data capacity) the better so long as the service comes out more affordable than your cable bill. Ask the human resources representative at your work if there are employee discounts for high-speed Internet and if your work will compensate you for your Internet bill. Teleworking makes your Internet costs a business cost and may also be tax deductible.

Step 3

Sign up to Hulu, at, so that you can watch most TV shows on your computer (see "Resources"). Sometimes you can watch a show on the same day that it airs. All you will need to do is fill out a few pieces of information and you can watch TV shows with only three to six commercials every half hour. There are also many movies on Hulu, though they are limited compared with the choices on Netflix.

Step 4

Sign up to a Netflix account, you can either go streaming only or also receive DVDs in the mail. The additional DVD in the mail plan does cost more but will allow you to also watch new movies when they come to DVD. The digital rights to many shows that allow for streaming over the Internet is still up in the air so getting DVDs may be the only way to watch some shows/movies currently.

Step 5

Bookmark the websites of major channels. Not all channels and movie studios have subscribed to the Hulu model so you may have to go to their individual websites to view the video files.