How to Hide All Facebook Suggestions

The hugely popular site Facebook offers features such as connecting with friends, joining groups, sending instant messages as well as posting photos, videos and music. It is a social networking site, so each person you add as a friend gives you the potential to add more friends, because Facebook has a utility that suggests friends with whom you share a mutual pal. This can be both beneficial and annoying. Suppose you only want to add people you know and not people your friends know. In this case, you will have to be persistent to hide the Facebook suggestion box.

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Launch your Web browser and navigate to


Type your Facebook email address and password in the fields provided. Click "Log In."


Place your cursor on the "Suggestions" section on the far right of your profile page. Click the "X" mark next to each suggestion. Keep doing this each time suggestions appear while you are currently logged in and also each time you log in until it stops appearing when you log back in. Eventually the suggestion box will disappear. There is no permanent settings tweak to remove the suggestion box.

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