How to Hook Satellite TV to a Projector?

By Joe Fletcher

You've decided to go for the big time and set up a miniature movie theater in your living room. You have the projector, you have satellite service and you want to watch your programming on the big screen. Unfortunately you don't know how to get the projector hooked up to your satellite TV. Assuming you have a projector that was designed to be used with input from a TV or service provider, it won't be difficult.

Things You'll Need

  • Projector with compatible video inputsVideo cableTape measure

Step 1

Check your cables. Your projector might have come with the cables that you need to connect your satellite receiver, so check to see what you have. Your satellite receiver should have a number of video outputs including S-video, composite video (yellow video cable, red and white audio cables) and/or component video (green, blue, red cables---video only). Figure out the cable that you need to get it connected.

Step 2

Measure the distance. You may or may not be mounting your projector near your satellite receiver box. If you are, no need to measure. However, if there's any distance between the two, measure it with a tape measure to see how long a cable you'll need. Remember to measure along the route the wire will actually travel, not simply from satellite box to projector.

Step 3

With both satellite receiver and projector off, connect the appropriate cable from the video output terminals on the satellite receiver to the corresponding input terminals on the projector. The color coding on terminals and wires will make the process easier; make sure that the cables align properly with the appropriate terminals.

Step 4

Connect the audio. You could connect the audio to the projector, but that would mean that you're relying upon the small, inexpensive projector speaker(s) to handle your audio. It would be better to hook the audio up to a stereo or home theater system.

Step 5

Turn both components on and you're ready to begin projecting your satellite television programming.

Tips & Warnings

  • For high-definition programming, you must connect your projector using a cable that supports an HD signal, such as HDMI or component video cable.