How to Hook Up a DVD Recorder to a Cable Box

By Rebecca Gilbert

You no longer need to remain glued to your television set to watch your favorite shows. Now that DVD recorders allow you to record from your television, that time you spend with family isn't just around the television set. Knowing how to connect a television, which is also connected to a cable box, isn't difficult. With just a few cables, you'll have everything up and running in time for your favorite movie or television show.

Things You'll Need

  • Coaxial cables
  • Component cables
  • HDMI cable

Step 1

Disconnect your cables from the television and the cable box. Leave only the cable connection in the wall.

Step 2

Connect the wall cable to the "Antenna In" on the cable box. This sends the cable signal to your box before it goes to the DVD recorder.

Step 3

Connect a coaxial cable to the "Cable Out" on the cable box and attach the other end to the DVD recorder at "Cable In." If the DVD recorder doesn't have a coaxial cable connector, use the component cables and match the red, yellow and white connections for "Video/Audio Out" or use an HDMI connector if it's available on the DVD recorder.

Step 4

Connect the coaxial cable, component cable or HDMI cable to your television. The coaxial cable attaches to "Cable In." The component cable connectors attach to "Audio/Video In" and the HDMI cable connects to the TV's HDMI input.

Step 5

Set your television to channel 3, and make sure everything is plugged in to complete your connections.

Tips & Warnings

  • Recording copy protected shows to sell or post publicly is illegal.