How to Hook Up a Samsung Soundbar

By Mark Slingo

The Samsung Soundbar is part of a Samsung home theater system which can be used to provide cinema-like sounds from your TV in your living room. The soundbar has two small speakers on either end and is connected wirelessly to a 150W subwoofer. You can also play sounds from other devices through the sound system. Connecting the soundbar to the TV requires a single wire and wall ports within range of the devices.

Step 1

Place the soundbar of the home theater system above or below your TV.

Step 2

Connect the supplied video cable from the "Video Out" jack port on the back of the soundbar to the "Video In" jack port on the TV.

Step 3

Position the supplied wireless subwoofer anywhere in the room within 33 feet of the soundbar. This can be behind a sofa, if necessary. Plug the power cords of the subwoofer and the soundbar into wall ports and turn on the units. The indicator light on top of the subwoofer will illuminate to show that a wireless connection exists.

Step 4

Connect any other components you wish to play through the soundbar to the relevant ports. For example, connect an iPod to the "iPod" jack port on the rear of the main unit.