How to Hook Up a Time Warner Cable Box With the Cisco Explorer 4640 HDC

By James Clark

The Cisco Explorer 4640 HDC is a high-definition set-top box available through Time Warner Cable TV service. The box is designed specifically for high-definition TV (HDTV) sets. A Coaxial cable connects the Time Warner service to the set-top box. The box then connects to an HDTV using either component (red, green and blue plugs) or high definition media interface (HDMI) cables.

Things You'll Need

  • Component or HDMI cable

Step 1

Attach the coaxial cable carrying Time Warner cable TV service to the "Cable IN" jack immediately below the bar code on the back of the Cisco Explorer. Twist the coupler on the cable end clockwise to lock it on the Cisco jack.

Step 2

Insert one end of the HDMI cable into the port above the "HDMI" logo on the back of the Cisco, or hook up the three plugs on one end of the component cable to the matching jacks on the Cisco.

Step 3

Attach the other end of the cable to the corresponding jack on your HDTV.