How to Hook Up an Xbox 360 to a Vizio HDTV

By James Clark

Vizio is a brand of high-definition television with audio-video input jacks to connect different types of electronic equipment, including the Xbox 360 gaming system. Use the cable that comes with the Xbox 360 system. This cable has a proprietary plug on one end that connects the Xbox and component cables on the other end for hooking up to the Vizio. The cables to the Vizio are all color-coded for simple connections.

Step 1

Press the "Power" buttons on the Xbox console and the front panel of the Vizio to turn off the two components.

Step 2

Attach the flat plug on the cable that comes with the Xbox to the port on the back of the gaming system.

Step 3

Insert the blue, red and green plugs on the other end of the cable into the video jacks on the back of the Vizio. Each jack has a color stripe around the rim that matches a plug.

Step 4

Connect the white and red plugs on the Xbox cable to the matching audio jacks on the Vizio.

Step 5

Set the switch on the Xbox to "HDTV."