How to Hook Up Speakers to My Flat Screen TV

By Ben Brassart

Nothing brings a movie or television show to life quite like a large, flat-screen display. The crystal-clear, high-definition picture brings a new level of detail to your favorite shows, movies and video games. Unfortunately, many flat-screen TVs come with relatively small speakers that can really detract from the overall viewing experience. You can buy two- to seven-speaker systems that bring a new dimension to everything you watch.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat-screen TV
  • Home theater receiver
  • Speakers

Step 1

Purchase a home theater receiver that fits your budget. The receiver brings together your audio and video sources, and it outputs the sound from your various devices through the one set of speakers. Any receiver will have audio inputs and speaker outputs, which are the interfaces you primarily will use.

Step 2

Purchase a set of speakers that fits your budget. Speakers range from two front speakers for stereo sound to five- and seven-speaker systems that include front, center, rear and sub-woofer channels.

Step 3

Take the home theater receiver out of the box. Look for and make note of the location of the audio and video inputs and outputs.

Step 4

Connect the "Monitor Out" plug to one of the inputs on the television. "Monitor Out" is the port that displays the video signal from your input devices.

Step 5

Connect your various devices, such as DVD or Blu-Ray players, VCRs, game consoles or home theater computers, to the inputs on the receiver. Make a note of each device's input port location, which will be used later to tune the receiver to the correct device.

Step 6

Connect the speakers to the positive and negative terminals on the receiver for the various speakers. Terminal posts are labeled. Connect the speakers to the corresponding outputs.

Step 7

Turn on the home theater receiver and press the corresponding input button to one of your devices and turn that device on. You should see the picture on the screen. When you turn up the volume, the sound comes out of your external speakers, giving you a new audio/visual experience.

Tips & Warnings

  • Research speakers and find the best combatible set to go with your receiver.
  • Leave plenty of room for your receiver to "breathe." It can get hot and overheat without proper ventilation.