How to Hook Up Wi-Fi to an HDTV

By Tiffany Garden

Some television models support Internet-enabled applications such as Youtube, Netflix and Hulu apps. You don't have to run an Ethernet cable to your television set if it's compatible with a wireless network adapter or has built-in wireless Internet. Wireless network availability varies from television to television, so you'll need to check compatibility to determine whether a Wi-Fi connection to your TV is possible.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless network name
  • Wireless network password

Step 1

Use your television's remote to open your networking settings. Look through the list of options to see if a wireless or Wi-Fi option is present in the menu. Enable the wireless networking option if one is present. Select your wireless network name from the list of detected networks and input your password using the on-television keyboard. Save your changes to connect your television to Wi-Fi.

Step 2

Check your television for USB ports on the side or back of the device. Your television may be compatible with an USB wireless network dongle. Some companies have specific dongle models for your television while other televisions can use any USB dongle. Connect the dongle to your television to enable wireless networking.

Step 3

Hook up a wireless streaming media player or video game console to your television. These devices have wireless connectivity and allow you to access Internet-based applications such as Netflix and Hulu Plus on your television.