How to ID a Poster on Craigslist

By John Mitchell

Identifying a person on Craigslist is sometimes difficult, as the service is designed to help people remain anonymous if they choose. If you are on the discussion forums of Craigslist, however, you might have a chance to ID a poster. To post in the forums, each person must sign up for a free account and choose a handle or username. Each handle is associated with a profile, and sometimes a person will give enough identification details.

Step 1

Go to, then click the "Discussion Forums" link and click the category link on the next page.

Step 2

Click the link for the forum post you wish to read, and click the poster's username in green letters. More details about the poster appear on the right column.

Step 3

Review the poster's profile. All the important details are located at the upper part of the right column. You can see Email, URL and Note fields and a member since date. The email address is helpful because it helps you identify the person or you can use it as a keyword in a search engine query. If the email address ends with "," it's an anonymous address provided by Craigslist.

Step 4

Click the website link in the URL detail field if one is available. Not all posters have a website or choose to link it with their Craigslist profile. If a link exists, you can find out more details on the website to help identify the poster.

Step 5

Review the last posts by the poster in the bottom half of the right column of the profile. Reading a person's posts can help you ID who the person is, especially if he revealed any personal details, shared a link to a social networking profile or posted an email address.