How to Import VCF Into a Blackberry

By Tammy Clevenger

AVCF file is a vCard file. A vCard is a contact card, similar to an electronic business card that contains the sender's contact information. The sender may send the vCard as an attachment to an email, or they may provide the vCard file on a removable storage device, such as a pendrive. BlackBerry devices do not natively support the VCF file type. However, you can install a small, inexpensive application ($1.99 USD) named iContact that will import and export your BlackBerry contacts as vCards.

Things You'll Need

  • BlackBerry Data Plan

Step 1

Press or tap the "Menu" button on the BlackBerry. The Home screen, with all icons, will display.

Step 2

Scroll to and highlight the "BlackBerry App World" icon. Tap or press the trackpad. BlackBerry App World opens on the device.

Step 3

Type "iContact" into the "Search" input box in BlackBerry App World and select the "Search" icon. Tap or press the trackpad. The iContact application lists in the Search results.

Step 4

Click the "Get Details" button to view the iContact details page and purchase the software.

Step 5

Select the "Purchase" button. Tap or press the trackpad. Provide your billing information and email address. Tap the "Submit" button. Once the purchase is completed, you will be sent an activation code to the email address you provided. The page refreshes on the BlackBerry device and you will see a "Download" icon.

Step 6

Scroll to and select the "Download" icon. Tap or press the trackball or trackpad. The program downloads and automatically installs onto the BlackBerry. A notification appears when the installation is complete. The iContacts software provides a trial period so that you can use the software while awaiting your activation code.

Step 7

Check the messages for the email address you provided and obtain the activation code for iContact.

Step 8

Open the message on the BlackBerry with the VCF file attachment. Save the attachment to a folder on the device. More than one VCF file may be stored in the folder. The iContact application will batch-import all VCF files in the folder you specify.

Step 9

Open iContact on the BlackBerry by pressing the "Menu" button to show the Home screen, and then scroll to and select the "iContact" icon. Tap or press the trackpad. The iContacts Activation screen opens.

Step 10

Type the activation code for the iContact application and scroll to "OK." Tap or press the trackpad.

Step 11

Select the location where the import results will be saved. Choices are "Store," "SD Card" and "System."

Step 12

Select the folder where the VCF file attachment is located.

Step 13

Click the "Import Contacts" option. The VCF files are imported into your BlackBerry Address Book.