How to Improve TV Signal on a Long Coaxial Cable Run

By James Clark

Long coaxial cable runs can diminish the quality of the video and audio signal that finally reach your TV. The farther the signal must travel, the more likely you will experience some degradation in picture and sound. Typically, you will see loss in signal quality for every 100 feet of cabling. Connecting an RF amplifier is an effective solution to ramp up signal strength as it travels to your TV. The amplifier connects between the source, such as a cable service provider, and your television to boost the signal. RF amplifiers are available at stereo and electronics stores.

Things You'll Need

  • RF amplifier

Step 1

Unplug your cable TV set top box and television while hooking up components.

Step 2

Connect the RF amplifier's input jack to the coaxial cable as close as possible to the point where the cable enters the building. The metal ring on the cable end tightens clockwise around the RF amplifier input.

Step 3

Attach a second cable from the RF amplifier's output jack to the input on your cable TV set-top box.

Step 4

Hook up a third coaxial cable from the "TV OUT" jack on the cable box to the RF input on the rear of your television.

Step 5

Plug the DC power cord supplied with the RF amplifier into the amp's power socket and connect the other end to an electrical outlet. Switch on the RF amp.