How to Increase Phone Memory

By Cecelia Owens

Every cell phone comes with internal memory. With the ability to upload videos, music, applications, ringtones and other forms of media, your phone's internal storage can become filled rather quickly. With a full memory, your phone can become extremely slow, which makes calling, watching videos and using application unpleasant.

Step 1

Access your phone's home screen, and then go to your phone's text messages. Press your "Menu" button and choose to "Delete" your text messages. Make sure, if your phone saves your inbox and sent messages, to delete both boxes of messages. Go back to your phone's home screen to continue.

Step 2

Uninstall all of the applications that you no longer need or use. On a phone, especially one that does not have a lot of memory, applications, such as games, maps, wallpapers and ringtones, can take up a lot of space on your phone. After you delete the unneeded applications, restart your phone to assure that the applications have uninstalled.

Step 3

Locate your media files on your phone and delete the music and videos that you no longer listen to or watch. If you are not using those media files, they are just wasting space.

Step 4

Add a larger memory card. Smart phones not only have internal storage, but they can also have memory cards that can hold your music, videos, contacts, ringtones and other media. Power off your phone and then remove the back of the unit. Remove the battery and then slide the old memory card, if present, out of its slot. You should get a memory card that can contain the amount of media you want to upload to your phone. For example, if you have a lot of videos and music, get a four or eight gigabyte card. Replace the battery and back, and then power the phone on to use it again.