How to Increase Phone Volume

By LaTasha Rogers

Perhaps you cannot hear your caller clearly. It may not be an issue on your callers end, but instead may be your cell phone volume. Many people who have phones only know how to use the main functions needed to answer or place phone calls. One important feature you should know is how to increase your volume. This can save you from straining your ears trying to understand your callers.

Step 1

Answer or place a call on your phone. On most cell phones, you can usually increase the volume only while your phone is in use.

Step 2

Locate the volume control on the side of your phone. It will either consist of two small buttons similar to arrows that allow you to press up or press down, or one long button that works the same way.

Step 3

Push the "up" option button on your cell phone. An indicator may appear on your phone screen showing the status on the volume increase. Continue to press the button until you have reached your desired volume level.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are unsure how to increase your phone volume, refer to your user guide or call your cell phone provider for assistance.