How to Install a Dual LNB

By Allen Coleman

DirecTV and Dish Network, the leaders in digital satellite television, use the same concept with their satellite dishes. The dish gathers a signal from the sky with an LNB (Low Noise Block) extended from the dish on an arm. The LNB receives the signal, and sends it to your receiver, which in turn connects to your television. With upgrades in technology, their has been growth in the number of LNB's. A dual LNB can receive more information than the standard single LNB, which results in a better picture, better sound and more channels. You can upgrade your dish with just a change to your LNB.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench

Step 1

Twist the coxial cable that is runs through the LNB arm to the dual LNB coax connection. You should have two coaxial cables extending from the arm. Twist the F-Connector on the end of the cable onto the connection on the LNB, just like connecting the T.V. cable to the wall jack in your home.

Step 2

Slide the new LNB onto the end of the arm until it comes to a stop.

Step 3

Secure the LNB to the LNB arm by placing bolts into the holes on the bottom of the LNB base. Depending on what kind of dish you own, there may be one or two bolts you have to insert. Tighten down the bolts firmly.

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