How to Install Cell Phone Apps

How you go about installing cell phone apps varies depending on whether you're using an Android, iOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry device. On all platforms, some apps are free while others cost money. If possible, connect to a Wi-Fi signal before downloading and installing apps on your phone. Otherwise, the process can consume a large amount of cellular data.

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Some apps can be shared between multiple devices you own with the same operating system.
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On an Android 5.0 device, tap the "Play Store" icon to open the Play Store app. You may first need to tap the app drawer at the bottom of your screen before you can see the Play Store. After the Play Store loads, browse through the categories to locate an app or tap the "Search" icon and enter the name of the app you're trying to find. When you locate it, tap it and -- if the app costs money -- tap its price and proceed through the payment process. If it's free, tap "Install." You may be prompted to agree to the app's permissions. The rest of the installation process is automated and when complete, the app appears in your app drawer.


Tap the "App Store" icon on your iPhone to launch the App Store. Tap the "Explore" or "Search" icons at the bottom of the App Store to locate an app. If you want to look through the most downloaded apps, tap "Top Charts" instead. When you find the app you want, tap its price and then tap "Buy" to purchase and install it. If the app is free, tap "Get" and then "Install." You can also download and install apps on your computer through iTunes and then sync them to your iPhone as you would other content.

Windows Phone

On devices running the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system, open the app list and tap the "Store" icon to launch the Windows Phone Store. Locate the app you want to download and, if it's free, tap "Install." If the app costs money, tap "Buy" to pay for it. The Windows Phone Store offers some paid apps on a trial basis. In these cases, tap "Trial" to download the trial version.


On BlackBerry 10 devices, tap the "BlackBerry App World" icon to launch the app store. Touch the "Search" icon to search by name or touch the "All" icon to browse available apps. Tap "Download" to install apps that are free. For paid apps, touch "Buy" and proceed through the payment process.

Tips and Additional Information

Regardless of which operating system you have on your phone, after you download an app, you can delete it and download it again at no cost provided you use the same user account and the same app store.

Many free apps have in-app purchases. Before handing your phone over to children, educate them about these apps to prevent accidental purchases.

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