How to Install the Tundra Bluetooth

By Stephen Lilley

Toyota's Tundra truck is one of many vehicles that can directly interface with your cellular telephone via Bluetooth. This enables you to talk on the phone hands-free while you're driving the car without worrying about potential accidents or getting a ticket in states where driving on a cell is illegal. In order to get a cell phone or Bluetooth headset paired up with your Toyota Tundra, you just have to enable the appropriate features on both devices.

Step 1

Press the "Voice Command" button on your Toyota Tundra's steering wheel.

Step 2

Say "Setup."

Step 3

Say "Phone Setup."

Step 4

Say "Pair Phone."

Step 5

Put your phone in "Pairing" mode. The steps to do this will be different on every Bluetooth enabled phone or headset, so consult your manual for specific instructions. Once in "Pairing" mode, your car's voice command system will say the name of your phone.

Step 6

Say "Confirm" to finish pairing your Bluetooth with your Toyota Tundra.