How to Install Yahoo Toolbar

By Techwalla Internet Editor

To access Yahoo from anyplace on the Web, you'll need Yahoo's toolbar installed on your computer. This way, your Yahoo bookmarks, search options and other tools will be available to you no matter where you are. Installing the Yahoo Toolbar is quick, easy and free.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access
  • Computer access

Install Yahoo Toolbar in Just a Few Simple Steps

Step 1

Go to Yahoo's home page and click on the 'Get Y! Toolbar' link (see Resources below). There will be a button that says 'Download Yahoo Toolbar.' Before selecting it, check the information below the button to be sure you have the right operating software to support the installation. If you have the right software, click on 'Free Download.'

Step 2

Begin the installation process of the most recent and updated version of Yahoo Toolbar. Read the Software License Agreement thoroughly and print it out for your records. Click on the button that says 'I agree.'

Step 3

Select 'Install' from the pop-up window. It should take only seconds for the toolbar to install. When it is complete, close your browser window and launch a fresh page. You should now see the Yahoo Toolbar at the top of your screen.

Personalize Your Yahoo Toolbar

Step 1

Tailor your Internet experience to your own preferences each time you log in. Once you have finished the installation process for Yahoo Toolbar, you will be given an opportunity to add specific buttons to your toolbar to launch features such as Yahoo Mail, news, weather and Yahoo Groups.

Step 2

Save your most visited Web sites to the 'Bookmarks' section of your Yahoo Toolbar to have your favorite sites at your fingertips wherever you go on the Web.

Step 3

Visit the Yahoo Toolbar Help page for additional assistance (see Resources below).

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember to add Yahoo to your 'Allowed' list. If you have the Mozilla Firefox browser, you will be asked to do so before proceeding to installation. Rest assured that Yahoo Toolbar is safe and secure for your computer.
  • Remove Yahoo Toolbar from your computer at any time by going to your computer's 'Start' menu, choosing 'My Computer' and selecting 'Add/Remove programs.' Select the program from the list and click 'Remove.'
  • To add or remove buttons on your toolbar at any time, simply click on 'Settings' in the toolbar and make the selected changes.
  • Pay attention when you are advancing through the installation process. Some boxes are automatically checked and it is up to you to uncheck them if you don't want certain things, such as having Yahoo set as your default Web browser.
  • Exercise caution when giving out personal information on the Web. Yahoo will never ask you to provide this information by email so if you get a request to do so, report it to Yahoo and do not give out your information unless you are on Yahoo's secure server.