How to Jailbreak a Cell Phone

Jailbreaking is a term associated with iPhones. Though frowned upon, jailbreaking gives smartphone users nearly unlimited access to various applications. One of the easiest jailbreak applications is the Spirit jailbreak. In only three steps, the Spirit jailbreak application will have iPhone users connected to the Cydia applications store and able to use all authorized, unauthorized and third-party applications. Though jailbreaking phones allows users to customize and unbound their phones, it does not allow users to receive the periodic Apple updates. However, if the phone is backed up before jailbreak, jailbreaking can be reversed.

Jailbreaking is generally associated with iPhones.

How to Jailbreak an iPhone


Plug iPhone into computer via USB cable. iTunes will recognize the device. When connected to iPhone, iTunes automatically backs up iPhone contents unless set otherwise. If iTunes does not automatically back up the contents, click the device on the left side of the iTunes application. When the device contents pop up on the screen, click "Sync."


Download the Spirit jailbreak application from After the download, a small pop-up window will read "iPhone Connected."


Click "Jailbreak" on the screen. After clicking "Jailbreak," do not touch the device until it reads "Restore Complete." When the device restarts, a new application, Cydia, will appear on the home screen. Cydia is another application store, but it consists of free, unauthorized and third-party applications. Once the device is restarted, and Cydia is available to use, the jailbreak is complete.