How to Listen to Pandora on My TV

By James Clark

Pandora is an Internet-based music service that lets users create customized listening experiences based on keywords of their own choosing. If you like big-band jazz or hip-hop, classic rock or classical composers, you can create your own virtual radio station with Pandora. To listen to Pandora directly through your TV you can connect the audio output on virtually any computer to the TV for Pandora playback through the computer's Web connection.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet connection
  • Audio Y-cable

Step 1

Insert the single plug on one end of the Y-cable into the computer's line out or headphone jack.

Step 2

Connect the white and red plugs on the other end of the cable to the left and right audio inputs on the back of your TV.

Step 3

Open an Internet browser on your computer and type in the wevb address for Pandora, which is The address is linked in the reference section.

Step 4

Type in the name of an artist, composer or song in the box in the center of the Pandora screen and click the triangular button to the right of the box. Pandora creates a customized playlist of musical recordings that are related to your selection by theme, genre, style, decade and other factors.

Step 5

Adjust the volume on your TV and computer to suit your preference.

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